Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Matt!

January is always a busy month with Connor's birthday and then Matt's birthday at the end of the month! Last night we were able to go out and enjoy a good time with friends to celebrate.  (Connor had a sleepover at Gigi and Big Daddy's)

We started with dinner at El Porton and I have to say the drinks were much better than the food.

Then we headed to Fox and Hound, however both side rooms were already rented out so we had to come up with a plan B because it was packed.  Plan B quickly turned into going to the Salty Dog, which none of us had been to.  I didn't have high expectations, but thought oh well it's better than nothing.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun we had!  They had an awesome band and then a great DJ.  We definitely stayed out past our normal bedtime of 10 and paid the price today. The music was so loud, my ears were ringing until noon today!

Matt had to work for a few hours this morning and then he was able to relax for the rest of the afternoon.  I decided that I would cook pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, and asparagus (something I have been craving all week).  Then we had a carrot cake for dessert, Matt's favorite. 

Connor was very eager to help, so I let him snap the asparagus (I had already cut what I needed)

It almost looked like he was praying for a piece of cake

Can you see the excitement?!

Of course he had to help blow out the candles...I hope he doesn't expect to do this on a weekly basis!

Happy 27th Birthday
We LOVE you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Look

I've been in the mood to change up the look of the blog and I was lucky enough to run across this post.  I have to say it was one of the easiest things I've done.  I usually get frustrated trying to do creative stuff on the computer because I can never get it just the way I want.  Sarah's post was basically a do it yourself blog header for dummies and you can't get much better than that!

Not only have I been wanting a new look for the blog header, but I've also been wanting a new hair style.  So I made myself an appointment for Saturday and now I'm on the hunt for the perfect hair cut.  I don't want it too short, but I definitely don't want the same ol' look.  Wish me luck!

2 year check up

Today Connor was scheduled for his 2 year check up.  However, we had to make a stop at my doctor first.  I could feel a sinus infection brewing and sure enough I had one! I didn't leave the doctor's office until I got 2 shots to help me feel better quicker.  Connor saw the shots and all he kept saying was "mommy ouch, ouch mommy".  Then we were off to Connor's doctor.

The first of the year is always fun at a doctor's office because you have to update your information by filing out a new form, add a two year old to the mix and it's even MORE FUN!  He was starting to get really antsy and was bossing the other kids around, so I decided to let him color with a pen. 

What a pretty picture!

So proud of himself

Then he started to color on his hand and we were done!

The doctor was very pleased with Connor's vocabulary progression.  We've definitely come a long way! He did good letting her listen to his heart and lungs.  Then it was time for her to look in his ears and I always keep my fingers crossed that she'll see the two blue tubes.  The left ear looked great and then the dreaded words came out of her mouth "he definitely has an ear infection and I can't tell if the tube is still in place".  Nooooooooo!!!!!!!  So he now has ear drops, antibiotics, and benadryl (which he hates ALL 3).  Hopefully he'll be back to normal in no time (for the record, he didn' show any signs of an infection which is typical for him). 
weight 29.6 lbs (70 percentile)
height 34 in (45-50 percentile)
head circumfrence 51 cm (95 percentile)

***Side note: Potty training is going surprisingly well, only 2 accidents in the past two days
*** Side side note: It is once again snowing in Memphis and I'm offically OVER winter!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What does that smile mean...

Boots and Big Boy undies!!!!

A belated birthday gift that we got Connor was a pair of rain boots.  He loves Matt's boots and my Uggs, so we felt like he needed a pair his own size!  (Plus they'll be good for going to the farm)

They are too cute!

Connor has been doing really good about using the potty at school and home.  His teacher suggested that I bring in big boy undies (not pull ups) for him starting this week and we would see how it goes.  Fingers crossed, he's doing really well!

It's sad to see him without a diaper, because that means he's definitely not a baby anymore (tear).

Today we have his two year check up, so I'll fill you in on the stats tomorrow.  Hopefully there won't be many shots involved.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Party

Saturday was Connor's big birthday party and we had a wonderful time. The theme was Dr. Seuss, but not everything went as planned that day.  I had intended to have green deviled eggs, however, I had a major egg issues that morning.  So I asked my mom to pick up deviled eggs from Commissary BBQ, which tasted much better than mine probably would have.  I also made little ham and swiss cheese sandwiches and rotel.

The best part of the food was probably the cake.  I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised when I looked in the box! (I had a major meltdown at work on Wednesday. All I can say is thank goodness for Ashley, I'm sure there are days she thinks I'm a crazy lady!)

We had a really good turn out for the party, but the best guests were Connor's friends.  The kids that came were Josh (his best friend from school), Mason (Kyle and Anna's son), and Ms. Brinkley.  It also helped that Connor took a 2 hour nap right before the party so he was in a fantastic mood!

Warning, this is going to be a picture overload...

These were the party favors on the front table

There were two cookies in each package

The cake

Connor being shy at first

Brinkley was ready to go for a spin

Connor's teachers (Tabitha and Lauren)

Connor and his BFF, Josh, doing the belly bump

Precious Brinkley, she held her own with all the crazy boys!

Connor showing Brinkley what to do with the tool bench (from Cici and Boo).  I was so worried Connor was going to whack her on the head with the hammer.

Blowing out the candles

Enjoying some cake...Which reminds me, I still haven't had a piece

Poor Garner...she was a good sport, since the party was mainly adults and toddlers.

ALL the presents, I could feel my toy anxiety kicking in!

Connor was really interested in the cards this year, but good thing he had several helpers to keep him focused on the presents!

Lauren is holding the picture of the swing set Connor got from Gigi and Big Daddy

The biggest hit was the crawl tunnel that Winnie got him

Mason was testing out the cozy coupe

Yaya and Connor

Mason had so much fun in the tunnel

Grandaddy and Connor

Connor is obsessed with the sweatshirt Grandaddy got him.  He loves that it has a "hat" and a pocket.  Connor also loves the fire truck from Ryan.

Once again I didn't get any pictures of Connor with Gigi and Big Daddy, hopefully someone else did.  The party was a blast and Connor really enjoyed himself this year (a complete 180 from last year)!

Birthday day celebration

It's been very go go go around here with Matt working a lot and me trying to get ready for the birthday party we had on Saturday.  But here are the pictures from Connor's actual birthday day celebration (Wednesday night).

This was the pull apart cake that Connor took to school to celebrate with his class.  Who knew Kroger was so talented?!

Matt picked up a little cake to celebrate that night.  I do realize that there are 3 candles on the cake and this is only his 2nd birthday, but it wasn't worth the 3 candles it was!

This is what he ate for dinner and loved it!

It was a big change from last year because he didn't like anything sweet

If Connor could say a whole sentence, I think he would say he had a fabulous day!