Thursday, February 25, 2010

Could life get any better for a 13 month old???

Connor has been in rare form lately.  Apparently 3 of his teeth on the left side decided to come in all at once and this has created a cranky Connor!  Not much has happened this week...except that Connor has really started to like his new class at school.  He doesn't really cry anymore when I drop him off.  Which I have to admit, it makes me a little sad.  It's almost like he is begging me to put him down so he can play with his new friends.
This past weekend I was on the hunt for a chair that Connor could watch cartoons in while we were on the couch.  I tried to let him sit on the couch with us, but it quickly turned into his new jungle gym.  So to prevent any broken bones, I thought a chair for him would be perfect.  I found a cute denim one that was low to the ground and the perfect size.  I mean he is only 13 months, how extravagant does it really need to be! Well Matt seemed to have a different idea about what kind of chair he needed.  When he saw the cute one his exact words were "Don't they have anything that reclines?".  Needless to say we were back at the store the next day exchange chairs and this is what we ended up with...

It's a little big for him now, but he'll quickly grow into it.

I think Matt is a little jealous that he doesn't even have a leather recliner!

Could he be any happier?!?! (Here's his fake smile again) even has a sippy cup holder!!! (He was watching Yo Gabba Gabba, that is the strangest show but Connor absolutely loves it!)

The other thing Connor got this week was a pair of sunglasses.  I have been looking at these sunglasses for months and I just couldn't decide if it was something he needed, but I finally gave in and ordered some.  They are by Baby Banz and they are a genius idea.  My one concern was that the band won't fit around his head, but it did!  These are really going to come in handy this summer.

With all the toys he has, he chooses to play with a kitchen bowl!

I don't think that I have mentioned that Connor is walking just about wherever he wants to go.  So here's a little video of him "toddling" around the dining room.

Friday, February 19, 2010

13 Months Old

I never knew how much work being a mommy was going to be, but Connor sure has tested our abilities lately!  The sweet boy who could do no wrong has now broken out of his shell.  Last week we had an incident with Connor biting the teacher at school.  When she was telling me the story, I was soooo embarrassed!!!  Then our vampire child struck again this weekend, this time he picked Matt.  Matt started to pretend to cry and I think Connor realized that it really hurt.  So far we have made it 5 days without another biting incident.
Somehow he managed to get a little black eye, who know what he was doing to get this...he's fearless!

This week was big for Connor because he moved to the ONES room.  The transition was a little rough, but he is starting to adjust.  He also gave up the paci during the day, he only gets it at night when he is sleeping (big accomplishment for someone who used to have it attached to him 24/7). 

Connor has also started walking a lot and he looks like a little Frankenstein when he does.  Needless to say, I don't feel like I sit down very much anymore.  He's also very good at slamming doors, throwing his toys in the trash can, and pulling all the clothes out of the laundry basket. 

Practicing with the of these days I know he is going to get his fingers smashed.

More things about lil C...

   * You weigh between 24-25 pounds
   * Wears size 5 diapers
   * Wears size 18-24 month shirts (mainly for your belly) and size 12 month pants (for your short legs)
   * Still sleeps all night and naps really well (you even sleep on a cot at school now)
   * You drink whole milk and love it!
   * You still say Mama and Dada, but you've started to say "bye" and wave when we leave places
   * You also love to watch cartoons and you do this every morning while we get ready for work
   * You're not so good at eating out anymore, so we try not to do this as much (or we go early before it
      gets busy)
   * You've been extra fussy because your back teeth are coming in
   * You absolutely love your daddy and try to do everything he does, you're his little helper!

Watching daddy split wood...he wished he could be out there too!

I guess he didn't like this look!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Party in Tunica

So this post is long over due, but we ALL managed to get the stomach bug last week and then my stomach bug turned into a horrible head cold.  Needless to say, last week was the longest week ever!

Anyways, before we all got sick Matt and I went with a group of friends to Tunica to celebrate his 26th birthday. We had a really good time even though we weren't having very good luck at the tables/slots. This is the first time in a while that Matt and I have been out and it felt like old times being out with everyone! (Minus Chris and Caroline because they were snowed in)

Birthday Boy and me

Marty (Amber's fiance), Amber, and Kim

Me and Steven

Reid, Steven, Marty, Ryan, Collins, Matt, and Chase

Me, Reid, and Marty

Ryan and Me

Then this weekend we went to YaYa's new house for Matt's birthday dinner.  Connor looked so cute with his new shirt that he got from his birthday! (He could be Reid's new rodeo partner)

Saturday night was the first night he really started feeling better from the stomach bug that he had over a week ago.

Connor loves his YaYa!