Monday, May 31, 2010

Tubes & Adenoids

This weekend has flown by and I can't believe I had 4 days off! On Friday, Connor had his surgery to get tubes and his adenoids removed.  We had to be there at 6:30 am which wasn't too bad, but we had to wait for surgery until 8.  Connor started to get a little cranky because he hadn't had anything to drink/eat since dinner the night before. 

Trying to keep him entertained in the waiting room

His prize for the day was a nerf football from the hospital
His little gown was too cute!

He is definitely a daddy's little boy!

The surgery took all of 30 minutes and the doctor had nothing but good things to say about how everything went.  He said that Connor's ears were filled with fluid the consistency of snot (gross I know).  Every time Connor had an ear infection the fluid got thicker and thicker.  Dr. K said that his hearing would definitely improve because with all that fluid he only heard muffled sounds.  Dr. K also said that his adenoids were extremely large and it was best that they were removed.

Nothing is worse then not being able to take the pain of your child.  I felt so bad for him when he was waking up from the anesthesia!  He was in and out of sleep for the hour that we had to wait in recovery.  When we were about to leave I was holding him and all of a sudden he threw up ALL over me.  I ended up having to wear hospital scrubs home.  (They tell you to pack extra clothes for the kids, but I think parents should also pack something extra!)

Right after the surgery

Connor pretty much slept all day and was back to his normal self that evening.  He's been cranky for most the weekend and I think it is a mixture of the surgery and a back molar about to bust through.  I do have to say that his hearing has greatly improved.  When the dogs bark he freaks out and doesn't know what to do (same thing with the garbage disposal), none of that used to bother him before the surgery.  However, he is a typical male because he has wonderful selective hearing!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Redneck Weekend

This weekend we celebrated Chase and Cassie's stock the bar party.  The party was held at Ginger's house, which is out in the country and the theme was redneck.  Kyle, Anna, and Ginger hosted the party and they did a wonderful job decorating and setting everything up.  It was definitely redneck!!!

They had a "hot tub" set up in the back of someone's truck.

One of the games they played was calf wrestling

Ryan and Kim

This picture makes me want to tan and lose about 20 pounds!

Jeff and Chase (groom)

Ryan, Chase and Collins

Cassie (bride) and Roya

The other big event of the weekend was Connor's first pool!  Ms. Wendy was so sweet to bring a kiddie pool to Gigi's house.  Since it was so hot on Saturday we decided to blow it up and fill it up!  Connor had a blast and I have a feeling we are going to have to get one for our backyard. 

It had a little sprinkler which he absolutely loved!

He was able to get in and out on his own

He had to take a break from the pool (his crazy hair is from sunscreen)

Have a good week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wedding Sneak Peek

So I found some of Amber's wedding pictures on facebook that Brandi (bridesmaid) posted.  Amber was absolutely gorgeous!  Brandi and Kristy are starting their own photography business Eclectic Creations Photography which is located in Munford, TN if anyone is interested.

This picture is from one of Amber's showers.

*all pictures via Eclectic Creations*

Preparing For Tubes

Connor had his ENT appointment last week with Dr. K.  Before I talk about the appointment, I have to just say how wonderful the doctor's office is.  They were on schedule which is a HUGE plus for me, especially having a toddler!  Also the nurses were absolutely wonderful and made Connor feel more comfortable about the whole experience. All in all, I am so happy with the doctor we chose.

So the appointment started with Connor getting a couple of x-rays.  You could tell that the nurse does a lot of these, because we only had to do it once!  Then we went in the room for the consultation with Dr. K.  First thing he asked was "does he have an infection now" and I said "no".  Well to my amazement he actually had a double ear infection again.  I felt horrible because I had absolutely no idea.  Connor doesn't run fever or cry throughout the night when he gets these.  He may act a little cranky and pull on his ears a little bit, but he is also teething so it is very hard to determine what exactly it is.  Needless to say, Connor is back on antibiotics and we have scheduled his surgery.  He will be getting tubes and having his adenoids removed, which should drastically decrease the chance for more ear infections.  He will be having the surgery Memorial Day weekend, that allows us to make sure he is feeling 100% before he goes back to daycare.

In preparation for the tubes, Connor is practicing wearing his ear plugs.  Dr. K is a doctor who believes that kids with tubes need to wear ear plugs whenever they are bathing or swimming to eliminate water going in the ear.  The first night of practicing with the plugs was awful.  I think I said "no" at least a hundred times because he kept plucking them out.  Tonight we finally had success!  He left them in for his whole bath and I was so happy, especially because I was exhausted from fighting with him about keeping them in.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Generations of Joneses

This past weekend we got a picture of the generations of Joneses!  Granddaddy, Granddaddy Dennis, Matt, Reid and Connor were all in town for Amber's wedding, so it was the perfect opportunity to get the picture.  Ms. Charle did a great job taking the picture, while I was helping set up for the wedding.  I heard that Connor had a minor tantrum, but other than that he was a perfect angel. (Those tantrums are starting to get a little bit more frequent and he isn't close to 2 yet.)

This weekend was pretty much consumed by wedding activities.  On Thursday night we had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner (the venue had an event Friday, so we had to practice Thursday).  The rehearsal dinner was at Elfo's, which has amazing Italian food.  It was also nice to catch up with everyone! 

Mr. Dennis and Ms. Charle

Dawne, Reid, and Garner

Ryan and Kim

The wedding was Saturday evening, so I volunteered to help Dawne set up the decorations.  She did a wonderful job on the flowers and decor!  The wedding couldn't have been more perfect and everything went off without a hitch.  The ceremony and the reception were at the same location, so it was really nice not to have to drive across town for the next event!  Amber looked absolutely beautiful and Marty was grinning from ear to ear.  Of course everyone knows that I am horrible about taking pictures, so I only ended up with a picture of Matt and I.  However, once the photographer posts her pictures I'll add some more! 

Have a wonderful week!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...Dream Houses

This week it is all about dream houses on Top 2 Tuesday!  I have to say I'm somewhat of a city girl, with the hopes of liking the country one day.  I was a navy brat growing up, so we moved every 2 years.  The one thing that I want for my children is a place they can call home and a place that feels like home even after they leave the nest.

I like the luxury of being close to civilization (i.e. Target, grocery store, mall, etc.), however I also enjoy the idea of the country.  The country would allow the boys to have their fun and go on all kinds of adventures!  It would also be a place where we would feel like we had some breathing room without our neighbor looking in our window.  Needless to say, my dream house would be a place with land that wasn't TOO far from the city.

I absolutely love this house because of the wrap around porch!

This is the end part of the kitchen...I think the fireplace adds such a comfy feeling.  A great place for the family to gather during meal times!

And since we are dreaming...I love this bathroom!

Everyone has their own dream house and this is definitely mine...I'm sure Matt's dream doesn't match!  Ha! 

***all pictures via google images***

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we had a wonderful day as a family.  We met Gigi, Big Daddy, and Granny for brunch this morning.  We had a good time visiting and we each took turns trying to entertain wild man during breakfast.  I swear, eating out gets harder and harder!

Matt and Connor were very sweet and got me a Pandora bracelet for Mother's Day.  I'm so excited to start adding charms to it!  Right now I just have two clips that will keep the charms from sliding (when I get them).  Matt is also excited about the bracelet because now he doesn't have to think about future gifts, he can just a charm. 

via pandora

When you're a little girl playing house, everything about life just seems to be so easy.  However, motherhood is definitely anything but easy.  Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE being a mom, but it is definitely the hardest and most rewarding thing in my life.  When I was looking for a card for my mom, this is what I found (it couldn't have been more perfect)!

The front
The inside

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful moms!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Your Kid's (or Future Kid's) Names

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

So this week at Kelly's Korner we are sharing how we came up with our kid's or future kid's names.  I always thought that picking out kid names would extremely easy, however it definitely wasn't.  I had forgotten that there would be someone else who had a say in the name picking, which added an extra dynamic to finding the perfect name (that we BOTH agreed on).  

Before we found out what we were having, we had a made a list of names.  (Of course the entire time Matt was praying for a boy)  Anyways, the girl name list consisted of about 20 names which neither one of agreed on any of them.  For the boy list we had a total of 4 names!  Once we found out that I was having a boy, I immediately knew the middle name would be David (after my dad). 

Since we had the middle name and the last name, it became very clear that we would choose Connor for the first name.  I thought this would be a really easy name to spell and there would be no confusion, however I was wrong!  Poor Connor will have to spell his name out for the rest of his life, a lot of people want to spell it Conner.  I couldn't be happier with the name and I can't picture him being anything else!

Connor David

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Game???

Not much has been happening with us this week.  Connor and I stayed home on Monday so he could try to get over his upper respiratory infection.  Next week, we have the big appointment at the ENT to see if he is going to need to get tubes. 

Connor has been so cranky/exhausted this week that he has been going to bed at 6:30!  That means its go, go, go from the time I pick him up until the time he lays down.  Nothing seems to entertain him these days so I have to admit that I broke out the laser pen and was shinning it on the wall.  Well guess who thought it was a new game?!?!

Sorry the pictures aren't very clear, Matt used his phone.