Thursday, August 22, 2013

Becoming Friends

It seems like in the last week or so Walker has transitioned from a newborn to a very interactive baby.  He has started sitting up while being supported with the boppy and reaching out for specific objects (i.e. taking my glasses off or pulling my hair out from the roots).  I've said it multiple times, but Connor has a special way with Walker that he can make him smile in 2.5 seconds. 

Now that Walker is much more interactive Connor really enjoys playing with him.  The other night we sat on the floor to roll the ball to each other and Walker was cracking up laughing every time Connor rolled the ball to him.  It definitely melts my heart to see those two play together and I hope they will be each others best friend forever!

Fast forward a few days...Connor was crying because Walker snatched his bag of mini muffins and squeezed one of the muffins.  Then that night, Walker grabbed a chunk of Connor's hair which resulted in another meltdown.  Not every moment can be a happy moment!

Monday, August 19, 2013

It's official...I'm a soccer mom!

I'm so excited for Connor and his opportunity to play soccer at Hope.  Back when I was off on maternity leave, I started looking for sports that Connor could be enrolled in (age wise).  I wanted him to have something that was all about him so that he wouldn't feel like Walker was always the center of attention.

The practices and games are on Sunday afternoons for an hour.  I really like the idea that it was only once a week and it was on the weekend.  Our schedule right now with the two boys is hectic enough, I couldn't imagine throwing in multiple practices after work during the week.  Connor is on the yellow team with Coach Conner.

The first practice was in the gym due to thunderstorms rolling through.  Thank goodness for the director's big heart and high level of patience, because corralling 50 4-5 year olds takes a very special person!

The second practice was outside on the soccer field.  Connor was excited to wear his new cleats and use his new water bottle (the one like the professional football players have, the smallest things mean so much to him).  I on the other was not prepared at all.  We had our chairs and I had a bottle for Walker, but I did not plan for sitting in direct sunlight for an hour.  Thankfully I had a huge umbrella in the car and we used that for shade for Walker.  We will buying a huge sports umbrella ASAP!

It so cute watching the kids practice.  First their attention span is all of 2 minutes and second they all huddle around the ball like a pack (you'll never wonder where the ball is, just look for the kids grouped together).  So far Connor's really enjoying it and I'm excited for the games to start!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nashville Wedding

This past weekend, Matt and I headed up to Nashville for Ryan and Sarah's wedding weekend.  We left Friday morning after dropping the boys off at school.  The drive to Nashville is always so boring to me, but we ended up making there around lunch time.  We grabbed lunch with a few friends and then walked around the Green Hills mall for a little bit.  We had rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday evening and the wedding/reception was Saturday evening.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend trip! (Apparently I took no pictures of Ryan or Sarah, but the bride and the wedding were both very pretty)


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Walker's Baptism

This past Sunday we all got together and celebrated Walker's baptism at Hope.  We met everyone for breakfast at Perkins before the service (Gigi, Big Daddy, Grandaddy, Uncle Chris and Cici).  After breakfast we headed to Hope to take a few pictures before the service started.  I was so happy with how they turned out!

Walker had fallen asleep during the worship session of the service, which was right before the baptism.  I thought for sure he'd be out the entire time, but he woke up right before he had to go to the front.  We were towards the end of the line and all I could think about was trying to keep Walker from spitting up all over his outfit!  I took the bib off right before we went up and just crossed my fingers that we would make it all of 10 minutes without any incidents.  Walker had to be the happiest baby ever to be baptized!  Once I get the video, I'll try to post it. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

St. Petersburg Work Trip

The time had finally come for Ashley and I to go to St. Pete for a week long work trip.  Most of the department went back in April, so we were the last to visit.  I think Matt was dreading the trip more than I was because all the responsibility of the kids was going to fall on him.  Not only did I pack for myself, but I also laid out the kids clothes for the entire week and made day by day instructions for Matt so there would be no confusion.  I really tried to make it as painless as possible!

We ate at the "world famous" Hurricane Restaurant one night

The sunsets were so pretty

FaceTime with Connor

FaceTime with Walker didn't go as well, he started crying once he heard my voice

We look really hard at work, don't we?!

By the end of the week we were both ready to go home.  I couldn't imagine having to travel for work on a regular basis, I was so ready to get home and hug the boys.  (And I'm happy to report that Matt did just fine, I had no doubts)