Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15 month check up

Today we went to the doctor for Connor's 15 month check up.  Every time we have our well child check up, it reminds me how quickly time flies by.  We had an afternoon appointment, so Connor was definitely exhausted from his day at school which always makes for a fun time!

Here are his stats for 15 months:
         * weighs 25.8 pounds (70%)
         * length 31 inches (45%)
         * head 49 cm (90%)
         * size 5 diapers
         * shirts size 2T and shorts size 18 mo
         * Words: Dada, Mama, Ball, Bubble, Bye, Bay (for Baylor), Baba  (He definitely has the b's down)

This is how I felt too!
(His eczema is really bad right now on his cheeks)

Always looking for something!

Connor has been a little cranky lately because he has a new molar trying to pop through.  In addition to the crankiness he has also started BITING!  That's right, the tables have turned and now I am that parent who has a child that bites. The doctor said that it is a phase, but will require some discipline. 

The other factor that is contributing to the crankiness is that Connor has a DOUBLE ear infection, AGAIN!  When the doctor told me this, I felt horrible because I had no idea.  He has had to deal with so many, that he kind of just goes with the flow and doesn't show any signs of an ear infection.  Needless to say, he is back on antibiotics and I am going to be making an appointment with an ENT for possible tubes.  It's definitely not what I want to have happen, but on the flip side I would hate for him to have permanent hearing damage due to reoccurring infections.  I'll post more on that after we have our consultation. 

A few days ago I found this robe in Connor's closet and decided he needed to wear it once before it didn't fit.  Well it fit everywhere except for the belly, go figure!!!


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oklahoma Where the Wind Blows

This weekend we took a quick trip to Oklahoma, we left Friday night and came back Saturday night.  We tried traveling at night because I thought Connor would sleep and be more content, I was WRONG!  However, he did nap a little bit more than usual during a day trip. 
This was about an hour into the trip, don't worry the smiles didn't last long!

We stayed at Reid's house while we were there and Connor had the chance to see quite a few farm animals.  He really enjoyed the horses from a distance, but once they got closer he didn't want anything to do with them.  We met Mimi and Granddaddy for breakfast at the Chicken Coop.  They had the best pancakes I have ever eaten!  After that we headed to the shop in town and checked on the cows.  Of course I wasn't dressed appropriately with flip flops on, so walking through the woods was rather difficult!  The cows were good and we headed back to town to grab lunch.

Lunch at Sonic, YUM!

After lunch we headed to Mimi and Granddaddy's new house (or at least new to us!).  The house was beautiful and Connor had the opportunity to run around like the crazy toddler that he is.  Oklahoma has the most ridiculous winds, but the sun was beaming down so it was time to grease up with sunscreen. 

Look at this hair!!! I was really worried that his scalp was going to burn, so I sprayed it with sunscreen.

Connor also got to enjoy a few wagon rides...could he be anymore relaxed?

Hanging out with the boys

The ride home was a little bit more quiet, thanks to all the fresh air!

Sunday morning, Connor and I got up and headed to Shelby Farms.  We met up with Ashley and Brinkley for a walk around the lake, we are desperately trying to loose the baby weight. 

Connor enjoyed breakfast along the walk, fruit loops and milk!

They are holding hands, how adorable!!! (We made a quick stop at Walmart after the walk)

Brinkley was so good when we were at Walmart, however I can't really say the same about Connor.

Here are lost pictures from Easter...


Monday, April 5, 2010

Surgery and Easter

This past Thursday, I had a little surgery done.  It was an outpatient procedure so I was able recover in my own home (which to me is the best medicine).  Thankfully my mom had Connor from Thursday to Saturday evening, which was the biggest help ever!!!  With Connor gone, Matt had no excuse but to give me his undivided attention.  I laid in bed until Saturday morning and then finally Saturday afternoon we got out of the house for a little bit. 

With me being under the weather, we really didn't do anything big for Easter.  We went to my mom's for lunch and Connor had a little Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny was so sweet to Connor, he brought him a wagon and a bunch of other goodies!  Matt did so good helping Connor find the eggs throughout the yard and to my surprise Connor was really into it.  After that, we headed back home because Connor and I both were in extreme need of a nap!

Easter 2009  (I can't believe how small he was!!!)

***I have more pictures, but my camera died when I was uploading to the computer***

Rockstar Hair With a Rockstar Attitude

This was a couple weeks ago...

I saw Connor's teacher in the hallway when I was picking him up.  La La (Ms. Lauren) said that she was the one responsible for his hairdo.  I really didn't know what to except but when I walked in the room, this is what I saw!

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but he has a mowhawk!

He definitely had a rockstar hairdo, but he also had a rockstar attitude. Once Connor calmed down and collected his thoughts we headed out to grab some dinner.  I have to say this might have been one last times to go out to eat.  Connor is just at an age where he doesn't really have any table manners, let alone any volume control.  Needless to say it was a very long evening!