Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trip To The Zoo

This past weekend, Caroline and I took Connor to the zoo.  We had this trip planned for several weeks and we were keeping our fingers crossed that the weather would be nice.  We got there right when the zoo opened and I was surprised at how many other people had the same idea.  We had two main agendas for the day, see the dinosaur exhibit and feed the giraffes.

The cat house is always my favorite

Connor's favorite this time was the elephants.


The giraffes were SO CUTE!  I remember when I was younger, I feed the giraffes at the zoo (can't remember where we were leaving at the time, I just remember the experience)

This was our giraffe, Stacey

For each feeding that you bought, you got 3 pieces of lettuce.  And then each piece of lettuce you broke into smaller pieces.

Isn't she so cute???

Next up was the dinosaurs and Connor was completely freaked out!  I thought he might like them since he watches Dino Dan on Nick Jr, but that was not the case.

This one spits water as you walk by

This is really the closest Connor would get and there was no chance of getting him out of the stroller

I have to admit, if I were his age, some of these dinosaurs would be pretty scary

Notice Connor's legs, he put them as far away from the dinosaur as possible
All in all, we had a terrific morning at the zoo!  By the time we left, the place was packed and it was starting to heat up for the day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Chris' 30th Birthday {Sky Diving}

Chris turned 30 today and to celebrate Caroline bought him a sky diving package.  Matt was a little envious of Chris, but I told him he couldn't jump until he had full life insurance coverage!  The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the jump, not to mention we got there right when they started jumping out of the plane. 

They really looked like they were just floating, although I'm sure that's not how it felt

He survived!

I have to admit he looked a little pale waking back to us, but he said he had a blast

He kind of looks like a pro sky diver

Caroline and Chris

Not really what you want to see when you walk into the sky diving office


Connor was being his normal shy self.  For some reason when he gets nervous/shy, he sticks his tongue out like this.  I told him one day he's going to bite it off!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Amber's Baby Shower Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated Amber's baby shower for baby Grayden.  She received some wonderful gifts and is definitely ready for Grayden to make his debut! 

The food was very yummy, especially Yaya's chicken salad

Lots of presents!

Amber's close group of girlfriends

Yaya and Amber (34 weeks)

Amber's best friend, Brandi (32 weeks)

Garner is going to be a terrific big sister!

Reid and Kim came in town for the showers (the boys had a diaper shower for Marty)

Best Friends

Kim doesn't mind getting her hands dirty, she was putting the worms on the kid's fishing pools...bless her heart!

Connor was so excited that Reid was spending quality time with him

Let the competition begin! I don't remember what the final score was, but I think Reid beat Matt by a few fish.

Ms. Kim is definitely one of Connor's favorites

Marty had to perform some minor surgery on this poor fish that Garner caught...and yes, that is just a bamboo stick with fish line and hook tied to it! (The big boys weren't about to share the good fish poles)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Summer Nights

Memphis has been having the craziest weather lately!  Apparently we have skipped the whole season of spring and gone directly to summer.  What better way to wear out a 3 year old than to put them in the backyard with a kick ball?!

(Please excuse the backyard)

Connor is just like his dad, if he sees the sun he starts to sweat!
I'm definitely not looking forward to the summer months, I have a feeling it is going to be extremely hot!