Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Word!

Well this weekend was jam packed with events. It started right after work on Friday afternoon with a football game. My niece is in on Houston's varsity pom squad, so we went to support her on their first home game. I have to say that I felt really old around all of those high school kids. It was Connor's first football game and first time to be in a HUGE crowd. His favorite part of the game was half time when the band played, he's legs just kicked with excitement!

Here's Connor with Aunt Stephanie...Stephanie was selling shirts and other stuff for the pom squad, so Connor thought that he could add a little something extra to her selling technique. As soon as I took the picture he spit up his entire dinner on the shirt she was selling. (I can't this child anywhere!)

Saturday I had a hair appointment, which was desperately needed. Thankfully Matt got home about 1 that morning from Oklahoma, so he was able to stay home with Connor. Then when I got back we ran errands as a family and finally found some tennis shoes for Matt. Chase and Cassie came over Saturday night to grill out and watch the race.

Sunday we had our last church class plus the baptism class for Connor. I have to say that is was a very emotional last class, because everyone has to tell their story on how they came to the decision of joining the church. When we got back to the house, Matt went to the farm and Connor and I enjoyed a nice long nap on the couch. Except somehow Connor was on the big couch and I was on the little couch!

Moving onto the biggest news of the weekend...Connor's first word!!!! I said something to Matt on Saturday that I thought the first word was going to be Dada because I kept hearing him say da. Well sure enough that night he got it together and my jaw dropped! He gets on a roll and all you hear is dada dada dada dada... I foresee a big change in our near future, no more silence!

Monday, August 17, 2009

7 Months

I can't believe that Connor is 7 months old today. We definitely have had our share of laughs, cries, and more laughs. You never truly know what it's like to be a parent until you are walking in those shoes. Each day I wake up and hope that I can do something to enrich Connor's life a little more than I did the day before.

Connor, here are some highlights about your life now:

- You weigh close to 17 1/2 pounds
- You wear size 3 diapers and your clothes range in size from 6-12 months (depending on the brand)
- You still sleep through the night (which you will never know how thankful I am for that)
- You drink about 26 ounces of formula a day and eat 3 meals and a bedtime snack
- We are still holding off on bananas until a later date, but right now you will eat just about anything
- This month we have started to introduce meat and so far you love chicken!
- You still have no teeth, but I know they're in there
- You've become a professional roller
- You are completely in love with your Johnny Jumper, the teachers at daycare call it your "Happy Place"
- You've started to wave at people when you first see them and when we walk away
- And I swear that you say "HI", but I might be reading a little bit into that

I'm anxious to see how you change in the next month, but at the same time I wish you could just stay this way forever. My favorite part of the day is watching the excitement on your face when daddy comes home from work. (It's what someone else's face would look like if they won the lottery.) Words cannot express how much EVERYONE loves you!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Costume Trial

The weekend wasn't very eventful, which is always a good thing these days! Friday night we just hung out as a family and relaxed. Saturday we went to the dentist as a family and everyone had their teeth cleaned (except for Connor of course). Then Saturday night, Grannie Lonnie watched Connor while Matt and I went out to dinner to Elfos. We had planned on seeing a movie, but dinner ran over so once again we missed it. On Sunday we had our Hope class and there's only one more class to go! After church we went to the mall in search of tennis shoes for Matt, but we weren't successful.

While at the mall, I saw something I just couldn't pass up!!!

I'm talking about the chicken costume (that cute baby is mine)! Gigi got Connor a pumpkin costume, which still might be this years costume. However, he isn't growing as quick as I thought he would be. So when I saw this one, I had to get is just for a back up (the tags are still on).

After the mall, someone definitely needed a nap, but me telling him that wasn't working. So I gave him the magic potion (a bottle) and he was out.

He took a nap in our bed, which NEVER happens and I think he thought he was in heaven!!!

After the nap it was time for dinner, which I think is Connor's favorite time of the day besides the Johnny Jumper. I have been desperately looking for teething cookies that are NOT banana flavor and it is just not working. So I had a light bulb go off when I was at the store...

A vanilla waffer!!!

And it was a success!!! Don't worry, that isn't all he ate for dinner. He enjoyed his green beans and rice just as much as the cookie.

Well we are off to another fun week in the Jones' house. Matt is going out of town on Wednesday to move his dad to Oklahoma. And with Grandpa Dennis moving, that means we are one step closer to moving to the Davies Plantation house. I thought moving just me was hard, now I am really in for it. We'll need a truck just for all of Connor's stuff!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Someone's on the move. . .

Well this past week has been nothing short of eventful. I'll try to recap the events for you in a condensed version. First, Matt worked an 84 hour week (which I am so glad it is over). In the middle of all of that, I found out that I had strep throat, which completely drained all my energy. Connor started his new daycare, had an allergy test, and CRAWLED! Now when I say "crawled" it's more like he scooted, but what's the difference.

The allergy test went well, there wasn't anything that stood out which is good and bad. It's bad because I don't really know how to stop the eczema, but it's good because he can have a normal childhood where he can eat, play, do whatever he wants.

Connor has a new found love for his Johnny Jumper. There was a time when I thought he would never like this thing, now I can't get him out of it!

Notice anything on his feet?!?!?

Connor is one stylish infant with his Nike shocks! Surprisingly he doesn't mind wearing them and I think they give him extra bounce!

And here's a video of him in his Johnny Jumper...definitely too cute for words!