Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Memorial Day weekend did not go as planned.  We had planned for a relaxing weekend and we had no plans, which is unusual for us. I received a call from Connor's school Friday afternoon that he was throwing up and needed to be picked up.  There is nothing worse to me than the stomach bug!

Poor Connor was exhausted and he passed out by 7 that evening on the couch.  Thankfully it ended up being a quick 24 hour bug and no one else got it.

On top of Connor being sick, Cooper had her front dewclaws removed Friday morning.  I'm not sure who was more pitiful, Cooper or Connor.  Cooper was definitely not very happy with me when I picked her up from the vet's office.

All in all we had a great long weekend, going back to work is going to be hard! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mornings at the Park

We've found that the best time to go to the Shelby Farms park is Sunday mornings before church lets out and before the Memphis heat.  Connor's favorite part recently has been the sand box.  The first time we went I wasn't prepared with a shovel and bucket, but this time I had everything ready to go.

Scoping the place out, he's always so shy for the first 10 minutes

He ended up getting brave enough to go down the BIG slide

He ended up getting a heat burn from the slide and then that was the end of the morning!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remembering Bradley

This past weekend we went to a rodeo in Millington that was in remembrance of Reid's best friend Bradley.  Bradley was killed in a car accident in November 2011 and one of his passions was bull riding.  It was great to see old and new friends get together for such a worthy cause. 

Connor and his number one cowboy

Kim is Connor's favorite person by far!

Connor's newest friend, Cory

Garner always brightens Connor's night...she's basically like a big sister in his eyes

Reid getting ready to team rope

Definitely a reminder that tomorrow is never promised

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Connor's OCD Habits

Connor is very OCD sometimes and I think it's a combination that comes from Matt and I.  Connor decided to take off all the magnets from the fridge and rearrange them in a particular order.

He organized the magnets into groups and then put them all in a line
At least this little project kept him entertained for a while so I could cook dinner!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Talladega Weekend

Talladega weekend means Connor and I get time to hang out, while Matt gets a relaxing weekend away.  I was expecting to hang out with Gigi and Big Daddy this weekend to pass some time, but they were out of town too so it was really just Connor and me. 

We drove out to Amber's house to see Grayden and the long drive ensures Connor will take a nap

We also enjoyed multiple trips to get ice cream

He was covered in chocolate by the time we left

We also made a quick stop at Shelby Farms, but it was absolutely too hot to stay long

So we decided to come home and put the pool out in the backyard

By the end of the weekend Connor was definitely tired of hanging out with me.  I think we were both very excited to see Matt on Monday evening!