Friday, October 31, 2014

October 2014

He's just so cute, I just want to squeeze him all the time!

Connor was rather upset that Ole Miss beat Alabama...he may or may not have shed a few tears. 

Too warm for a fire so we had to improvise. 

A fun day at the park, the fresh air did us all some good. 

Family park picture

After the first hair cut I really started to miss the curls, but they came back!

Connor had the opportunity to go out to Oklahoma to spend time with Grandaddy, Mimi, Uncle Reid, and Aunt Kim. He had an absolute blast and keeps asking when he can go back. 

Matt and I took advantage of only having one child while Connor was gone on fall break. So we decided to paint the dining room. I will NOT be painting anytime soon, I always forget how much work it is. (Please excuse the baby climbing the ladder in the background)

Proof that Connor is super excited to have a baby sister. 

Cooper's favorite time of the day- breakfast on the couch before school (picture courtesy of Connor)

Connor's first report card and we were so proud of how well he did. 

School fundraiser- they maxed him out at 30 laps, but he just kept running (competitive just like his dad) 

No coordinating costumes this year and to be honest I was too exhausted to try to persuade Connor, but I think they both looked so cute!

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