Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Connor's Health Concerns

Connor has always been a healthy kid. Besides the ear infections while he was a baby, (which were corrected with a set of tubes) we've been very blessed in this aspect of life.

School started in mid-August and it wasn't long after that we noticed Connor was complaining a lot about headaches. They were getting to be consistent throughout the week and causing him to go to the nurse at school. Thankfully they allowed us to send in Tylenol, which would generally help the headaches. 

After a few weeks we started to notice some other symptoms and it was time to visit the doctor.  While we were there Connor had a vision test and we noticed one eye was stronger than the other. Then the doctor noticed that one pupil was more enlarged than the other.

We were then sent to an Opthamologist appointment to have a more in depth look. We were hoping an easy fix for the issue would be glasses during school time.  Of course the day we went to the appointment both pupils were the same size and his vision test was perfect. After she checked the backs of his eyes, she was unable to determine any cause for the headaches. 

When we left the appointment, I felt like there were a thousand of unanswered questions and still no solution to the problem. The other symptoms started to get worse.  He was randomly falling asleep, headaches getting to be more frequent, and I just felt like there was something else going on. 

He would just fall asleep in mid conversation and when waking up not remember being asleep or feeling tired. 

His pediatrician decided it was time to schedule a MRI to take a look and make sure there were no tumors in his brain that may be causing some of these issues. They were able to fit us into the schedule at Lebonhuer pretty quickly. 

The day of the appointment brought a ton of emotions. Since I was pregnant I wasn't able to go back for the testing. Thankfully Matt was able to be Connor's hand holder. They took him back, started an IV, and took a few images. We left for lunch and before we even started eating the pediatrician called and said everything looked great. It was a huge relief, but it still didn't explain what was going on. 

The next step was to visit a pediatric neurologist for some additional testing. They wanted to do an EEG to see if there were any kind of small seizures while he napped. After our IV experience a few days before Connor was not HAPPY about having more testing. It took about 15 minutes to calm him down and so that the nurse could glue 30 probes to his head. 

Such a brave boy, I was very proud of him. 

Those results also came back clear and the next step would be to have a sleep study done. Matt and I both decided that at this point Connor needed a break from the testing. 

Thankfully the symptoms have reduced dramatically and the headaches seem to be fewer and more random. For now we will continue to watch him like a hawk and we'll move forward with additional testing when we feel it is needed. 

Feeling blessed that he is a healthy boy and able to enjoy life!

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