Sunday, August 31, 2014

August 2014

Connor is obsessed with video games recently and apparently he was being a creeper at the car dealership checking out what the other boy was playing

The curls are out of control, Matt calls him Bozo

The curls quickly turned from cute to mullet-ish and it was time for a hair cut.  It made him grow up instantly :(

Going through bins and bins of old clothes from Connor. I could pass up having him try on Connor's old chicken costume. 

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. He is 100% attached to that blanket and puppy paci. 

Kindergarten registration day for this big boy, ended with a trip to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. 

I CANNOT believe the day has come that Connor starts kindergarten. I'm so excited for his new adventure and what the future holds for him!

He's in Ms. Tillman's class for the year and he couldn't have gotten a better teacher. 

Zoo trip with Brinkley and Ashley (Walker too).  These two were mapping out our route for the day. 

Sweet brothers...we were waiting on the little monkeys and otters to come out for lunch. 

And waiting...

Next stop was feeding the giraffes. The baby giraffe stopped Walker and it was love at first sight. 

Connor enjoyed feeding them, luckily he was just tall enough to reach over the railing. 

Brinkley and her giraffe (side note: we had just come from the sprinkler park where the kids were able to cool down)

After a quick lunch at El Porton, we made our way over to the Children's Museum. Connor loved the rock wall, he said it was just like being on American Ninja Warrior. 

Motorcycle ride courtesy of big brother

Then he took him on a fire truck ride. The boys had such a great time spending the day with Brinkley. Pretty sure Ashley and I were more worn out than the kids!

We made a trip over to Ryan and Sarah's house to take advantage of her monogramming abilities. This was the big hit of the day, I'm pretty sure he wants one for his room. 

These two definitely have their moments and know how to push each other's buttons, but they are also best friends for life. I love witnessing these sweet innocent moments between the two of them. 

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