Monday, January 9, 2012

Operation Spring Clean Out

I only have a few New Year's resolutions and cleaning out the clutter in our ENTIRE house is close to the top of the list!  Anyone who knows me, knows I always have my planner to keep our schedule organized, I like my papers at work in a certain order, so naturally most people assume I am organized at home.  Truth be told, I'm a stuffer...I'm that person who will stuff crap in a cabinet or a drawer or a closet, because then you close the door and voila it looks clutter free!  Not to mention, having a toddler around does not make staying organized at home any easier.  Heaven help us if we should ever have to down size!

The first room that I tackled was Connor's playroom.  There were toys upstairs, downstairs, in the kitchen, basically EVERYWHERE I looked.  Here's the before shot:

I know Caroline is probably having a heart attack looking at this picture!

So many toys for a three year old!


I think this is my new happy place in our home

Where did all the toys go you might ask...

In the newly cleaned out playroom closet!
It's perfect for all his bigger baby toys and riding toys, plus the shelving lets us (me) stay more organized.

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