Monday, August 16, 2010

Are you hungry???

Connor's new nickname should be 'the sponge'.  It's amazing to see how many concepts he picks up on a daily basis.  He still doesn't talk very much, but he definitely mimics EVERYTHING we do!

Connor has increasingly become obsessed with his stuffed monkey.  Mr. Monkey has to sleep with him (he has his own blanket), goes downstairs in the morning, and apparently Mr. Monkey has a big appetite.  On Sunday, Connor all of a sudden grabbed Mr. Monkey and sat him on his tray in the living room.  Then he grabbed his bowl of rice and proceeded to feed Mr. Monkey with the fork.  I have to say it was one of the cutest things! 

Connor couldn't figure out why Mr. Monkey wasn't eating the rice.

Since Mr. Monkey wasn't eating very much while he was sitting on the tray, Connor decided to move him to his recliner where he might be a little more comfortable.  Again, Mr. Monkey just wasn't very hungry.  (But someone else was!)

Once Cooper started cleaning up the rice, Connor thought he would be nice and make it snow on her.  Can you see ALL the rice on the floor??? Cooper did her best to help clean up, but I had to break out the vacuum cleaner 

It's the little things Connor does, that puts a smile on our faces these days. (Oh my, life has surely changed!)

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