Sunday, August 16, 2009

Costume Trial

The weekend wasn't very eventful, which is always a good thing these days! Friday night we just hung out as a family and relaxed. Saturday we went to the dentist as a family and everyone had their teeth cleaned (except for Connor of course). Then Saturday night, Grannie Lonnie watched Connor while Matt and I went out to dinner to Elfos. We had planned on seeing a movie, but dinner ran over so once again we missed it. On Sunday we had our Hope class and there's only one more class to go! After church we went to the mall in search of tennis shoes for Matt, but we weren't successful.

While at the mall, I saw something I just couldn't pass up!!!

I'm talking about the chicken costume (that cute baby is mine)! Gigi got Connor a pumpkin costume, which still might be this years costume. However, he isn't growing as quick as I thought he would be. So when I saw this one, I had to get is just for a back up (the tags are still on).

After the mall, someone definitely needed a nap, but me telling him that wasn't working. So I gave him the magic potion (a bottle) and he was out.

He took a nap in our bed, which NEVER happens and I think he thought he was in heaven!!!

After the nap it was time for dinner, which I think is Connor's favorite time of the day besides the Johnny Jumper. I have been desperately looking for teething cookies that are NOT banana flavor and it is just not working. So I had a light bulb go off when I was at the store...

A vanilla waffer!!!

And it was a success!!! Don't worry, that isn't all he ate for dinner. He enjoyed his green beans and rice just as much as the cookie.

Well we are off to another fun week in the Jones' house. Matt is going out of town on Wednesday to move his dad to Oklahoma. And with Grandpa Dennis moving, that means we are one step closer to moving to the Davies Plantation house. I thought moving just me was hard, now I am really in for it. We'll need a truck just for all of Connor's stuff!!!

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