Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Someone's on the move. . .

Well this past week has been nothing short of eventful. I'll try to recap the events for you in a condensed version. First, Matt worked an 84 hour week (which I am so glad it is over). In the middle of all of that, I found out that I had strep throat, which completely drained all my energy. Connor started his new daycare, had an allergy test, and CRAWLED! Now when I say "crawled" it's more like he scooted, but what's the difference.

The allergy test went well, there wasn't anything that stood out which is good and bad. It's bad because I don't really know how to stop the eczema, but it's good because he can have a normal childhood where he can eat, play, do whatever he wants.

Connor has a new found love for his Johnny Jumper. There was a time when I thought he would never like this thing, now I can't get him out of it!

Notice anything on his feet?!?!?

Connor is one stylish infant with his Nike shocks! Surprisingly he doesn't mind wearing them and I think they give him extra bounce!

And here's a video of him in his Johnny Jumper...definitely too cute for words!

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