Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Sunday was relaxing and we spent most of the day at home.  Our one outing was to the New Balance store so Connor could get a new pair of shoes.  He was wearing a size 5 and we left the store with a size 6!

Other than shoe shopping we spent the day playing in the play room and running around outside (Connor was running, not us).  Also, Matt and Connor enjoyed eating dip and watching football together on the couch.

Have I told you how attached he is to that monkey???

I've been meaning to show off Connor's new bookshelves that Big Daddy made for him.  That's right, they were made from scratch not bought (total cost of materials was $60)! 

This is the one that is in the playroom. I finally went to Target today and picked up the canvas bins to store all the blocks and other loose toys.  I'm going to need two more to fill in the bottom space, but I LOVE how it looks.

This one is in his room and it holds ALL of his books.  The organization of the books doesn't usually look like this, but I spruced it up a little bit for the picture.

Sweet boy...I love his new pajamas!

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