Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect

Connor's "chore" during the week is to get Cooper in her cage and give her a bone.  I really gave him this "chore" because I thought Cooper would like him better if he was always giving her treats.  We are still working on the friendship between those two, but Connor loves to practice putting Cooper in the cage (even on the weekends).

Thankfully Cooper is a good sport and plays along!

One of my favorite things about watching Connor grow up, is watching him be Matt's mini me.  Connor absolutely idolizes Matt and wants to do everything he does!  Connor's new thing is to "accidentally" roll a ball underneath this piece of furniture in the sun room.  The only way to get the ball out is to use a wooden spatula because your hands can't reach all the way to the back.  He is so serious when he's attempting to get the ball.  Then he'll stand up and say "Where is it?" just so Matt will come and help.  By the end of it, they are both laying on the floor looking for the ball.  All I can say is TOO CUTE!

This is him scoping out the ball

First attempt with the spatula

He was really getting into it!

Matt ended up helping him get the ball and then Connor started the process ALL over again.

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