Monday, June 28, 2010

Tough Decisions In Toddler World

Connor has been a little bit more cranky than normal because of the hand, foot, mouth virus (which by the way has spread all through the one's room at school).  The thing about this virus is that you can't always see all the blisters.  A common symptom is to have blisters inside the mouth which can be extremely painful and would make anyone a little grumpy.

We've tried to comfort him with things he doesn't normally get during the day, like the paci.  He has been so good about not wanting the paci unless it's bedtime, however, this week we have given in.  It seems to be the only thing that has calms him down. 

When I talked to the nurse today about his virus, she recommended popsicles to soothe this mouth.  So he got exactly what the doctor ordered!  Connor seemed a little stressed out trying to make the decision between the popsicle and the paci.  So his solution was to take a lick of the popsicle and then the paci.  He went back and forth until his mouth was numb!  For the sake of my sanity this week, we'll just go with whatever works until he's feeling better.

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