Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed...

Well apparently my monkey hasn't grasped the concept of that story yet! Today is only the second day of the week and I have had to sign TWO parent slips at school.  Monday I had to sign a slip because Connor decided that he was going to jump on his cot during nap time.  Obviously he didn't think of the consequences and fell off and bumped his head.  He had a pretty good size goose egg on his head, which is starting to look a lot better tonight.

You can't really see the bump in the picture, but it's above his left eye.

Then today when I left work I told Ashley "I hope I don't have to sign another form anytime soon". I spoke too soon, way too soon!  So this is how todays little incident went...Connor and his friend both got to the slide (on the playground) at the same time.  Connor felt like he should go first, so he pushed his friend down (which is a definite NO NO).  The friend was very upset and grabbed Connor's arm and BIT him!!! Now this is a definite NO NO also, but on the other hand I think it gave Connor a chance to feel a bite (since he has a little biting problem himself). 

Can't miss the bite marks here!!!

Not too mention, on Sunday night Connor slipped in front of the laundry room and busted his lip open.  It has just been one thing after another for him this week.  I think he just needs to be put in a bubble so nothing can happen to him!
You definitely can't see the busted lip, but he is just cute I could squeeze him all the time!

Look at that tooth!

And just for fun tonight I decided to dress Connor up in his one and only smocked outfit.  Matt absolutely HATES smocked outfits for little boys so I haven't pushed the issue much.  But when you get one as a gift, there's nothing he can say about it!  Here's Connor in his cute little outfit (which he'll probably wear for Easter). 

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