Sunday, November 29, 2009

What a weekend!

Connor celebrated his first Thanksgiving and absolutely loved it!  When he saw the spread of food, his eyes grew about 2 sizes.  He was so good about trying everything, however we never have a problem getting him to try new foods.  Come to think of it, there isn't anything that Connor doesn't like. 

Here he is shoveling the turkey in!

Can you see the turkey hanging out of his mouth???

Connor definitley needed a nap after his 1st Thanksgiving dinner.  This is his new sleeping position...I guess he is dreaming of crawling!

For the first time ever, Kristy (from work) and I had the brilliant/stupid idea of going Black Friday shopping.  Shopping for most people the day after Thanksgiving is some kind of rush and they have all day to it.  Not Kristy and me, we went shopping and then had to be at work later that morning! We accomplished our mission of getting an artifical Christmas tree for $50!  Thanks to Grannie (i.e. Lonnie), Matt was able to go hunting with the guys on Friday too.  Bless her heart, she was at our house at 4:15 AM!!!!

Later that day I came home and put the tree up.  Connor has had a few meltdowns since the tree has been up! We have been really trying to stress to him not to touch, which he doesn't like at all.  I purposely put the lowest ornaments 2 feet off the ground so there would be no temptations. 

The tree turned out really well, especially since it was in the spot I wanted it in!

Here's the mantle...I guess the dogs won't have a stocking this year, since there is only 3.

See what I mean about the ornaments???

Other than that the weekend was relaxing and I have already gotten half of my Christmas shopping done!

Here's Connor practicing drinking out of a big boy cup.

He is starting to catch onto concepts so quickly.  This is Connor placing my sock on his foot!

Unforantely this is how our living room seems to stay now.  I can't imagine what it is going to look like after he gets all his Christmas presents!

Connor's starting to stand up and he couldn't be prouder of himself!

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  1. he is just adorable gobbling up that turkey! love the decorations.. and get used to your living room looking that way, it only gets worse! :)