Thursday, September 3, 2009


This passed weekend we had the big event of Connor's Baptism! And, Matt and I were introduced as members of the church...but we were more focused on Connor. Gigi had gotten Connor this precious outfit to wear on the big day. She first got him a 6 mos size and then we decided that might be pushing it a little, so we got the 9 mos size. Well I didn't have him try it on until a few days before and it was definitely tight! (he kept busting the bottom snaps open)

After the baptism at Hope we had a big get together at our house. We decided to get Commissary BBQ and it was probably the best decision we could have made. Caroline, Colleen and Chris were sweet to go pick up the food and set it up while we were still in the service.

I was so happy when Colleen said that she would be coming down for the weekend! Here is Connor and Colleen, he loves her so much!

Grandpa Dennis and Connor

Connor with his great grandparents, Nana and Bubba

No party would be complete without a cake!

If there is one thing that I could start doing better with Connor, it would be to make sure I get pictures of him with other people. I do a good job with pictures just with him, but he'll look back and think no one was ever around!

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