Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NASCAR Husband

On Saturday, Matt lived out one of his dreams!  What started out as a sweet little anniversary gift, turned into a full blown NASCAR experience.  He ended up doing a ride along and then driving 36 laps on his own. This is the closest I'll get to having a NASCAR husband!


Connor wasn't pleased that he ONLY got to stand in a car, he was expecting the car to be driving fast

I was surprised at the turnout for the event

Memories...its sad to see how run down the track is.  I remember going to races with Matt, his family, and friends back in the day when it was up and running.

Here's Matt waiting for the ride along, you can see the pure excitement on his face

Connor wasn't too sure of being in the car

And they're off...

Next came Matt's turn to drive the car by myself and he was given car #14


He didn't have very good luck with #14 because the car kept back firing

Time to change cars

#15 was the best car and you could tell from watching that he was having a blast!  Then Matt came down pit road and come to find out there was a loose wire that was sparking and smoking inside.

So he moved on to #6, it definitely wasn't as good as #15
All in all, Matt had a great time! To be honest, I really haven't seen him that happy in a while.  He definitely deserved this day, he works hard and does pretty much anything for Connor and I.

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