Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday, Grandaddy!

It was finally time to celebrate Grandaddy's 60th birthday!  We ended up getting home from the hospital around 1 pm and Matt made a big announcement that he was going swimming.  The last thing either one of us wanted was for Connor to be scared of the water, but we weren't going to push it.  Since Matt was swimming, Connor followed because those two are joined at the hip!

As you can tell, Connor wasn't letting go which was fine with us.  At least he was in the water and having a good time with everyone.  Not to mention, he now knew the meaning behind the rule: No getting in the pool without Mommy or Daddy!

Garner soaking up the sun.  It was so hot, the pool wasn't even refreshing.

Baby Grayden, I just want to squeeze those cheeks every time I see him

The guys got pretty competitive with the volleyball game, but it was probably just Matt who was being competitive

Of course Connor had to get in on the action

See that serious/competitive face, he gets that from Matt Jones!

And then the frustrated look when the play doesn't go as planned

Matt seemed to be channeling his inner Peyton Manning this weekend

Grandaddy opening presents

You can never go wrong with giving him family pictures, he loves it!

It was also Kim's birthday and I think we did a pretty good job of filling up her Pandora bracelet

With the stress and exhaustion of Connor's accident, we decided to stay in Oklahoma one more day before heading back to Memphis.  We promised Connor that we would go over to Reid's house and he could ride the horses.

He absolutely loved every second of it!

Then we ventured over to the two bottle calves that Reid had pinned up.

I have to say, I think this was Connor's favorite part of the trip.  I also wouldn't be surprised if Santa dropped one of these lovely things off for Christmas.

Cooper would definitely appreciate not being roped like a calf anymore!

We'll definitely never forget Grandaddy's 60th birthday! 

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