Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Football & Pumpkins

This past weekend was packed full of events and things that had to get done.  Friday night we ate Mexican before going to the Houston vs Germantown football game.  I haven't been able to get to a game this year and I wanted the chance to see Angelina and Brittany on the pom squad.  (Not to mention Connor is OBSESSED with football, so it was good entertainment for him too)

Even though he doesn't look excited, I promise he was!

Saturday consisted on shuffling cars around ALL day long!  My car needed an oil change and Matt's truck got new tires, which left us with no car so we borrowed my mom's.  In the middle of car shuffling, we had to take a break so I could get my haircut.  Then we picked up both cars and returned my mom's car. 

Memphis Spirit! Roy told Connor he got him the game ball from Houston's game...Connor acted like it was a golden football!

By the time we got done at Gigi and Big Daddy's it was time to head home and get ready for Yaya's.  Yaya was having a pumpkin carving party (really it was just a good excuse for us all to get together).  Instead of picking an easy pattern to carve, we picked complicated ones.  Let me tell you, that was hard work!  And who knew Matt was such a good pumpkin carver???

I had to do the worst part...scrap out the insides

Please excuse Connor's sweat: 1) his last name is Jones 2) he had just come inside from playing football

So proud of Garner, she did everything by herself and didn't complain once (the complete opposite of me)

So happy for Bobo and Marty...Baby O is due in April

Matt's pumpkin

Bobo's pumpkin

Garner's pumpkin (it's a mummy) she did EVERYTHING by herself!

On Sunday we didn't have our church class so we were able to sleep in for once, which was nice.  We had a delicious breakfast at Perkins and then the rest of the day we ran errands.  For some reason it seems like Sundays fly by!

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