Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cutest Backpacks

So I've been on the hunt for the last couple months for the perfect backpack for Connor.  The older he gets the less stuff we have to pack for our outings.  I wanted something that was personalized, boyish, and I wanted a zipper. What better place to look other than Etsy?!

After a quick search...Voil√†! I found Terri at InspiredByGrands and she couldn't have been more helpful through the entire process.  I, like always, had a list of questions which she patiently answered each one of them.  The turnaround time was quick and the product was even cutier in person!

I order one for Connor, but I couldn't pass up on a girly backpack for sweet Brinkley!

Aren't they so cute

The straps were as cute as the front

Terri also included a cute tissue holder with each backpack (Connor's tissue holder wasn't pink, it had trucks on it...just wanted to clarify)

He hasn't quite figured out how to put it on

He looks like a BIG kid about to go to school (slight tear)

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