Monday, April 5, 2010

Surgery and Easter

This past Thursday, I had a little surgery done.  It was an outpatient procedure so I was able recover in my own home (which to me is the best medicine).  Thankfully my mom had Connor from Thursday to Saturday evening, which was the biggest help ever!!!  With Connor gone, Matt had no excuse but to give me his undivided attention.  I laid in bed until Saturday morning and then finally Saturday afternoon we got out of the house for a little bit. 

With me being under the weather, we really didn't do anything big for Easter.  We went to my mom's for lunch and Connor had a little Easter egg hunt.  The Easter bunny was so sweet to Connor, he brought him a wagon and a bunch of other goodies!  Matt did so good helping Connor find the eggs throughout the yard and to my surprise Connor was really into it.  After that, we headed back home because Connor and I both were in extreme need of a nap!

Easter 2009  (I can't believe how small he was!!!)

***I have more pictures, but my camera died when I was uploading to the computer***

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