Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was spent relaxing for the most part.  However, on Sunday we got out of the house and went to the pumpkin patch!  The weather had finally warmed up to 60, thanks to the sun but it was still brisk in the shade.  The patch was filled with big kids and Connor just stares in amazement at them.  And when big kids are running around, it is very difficult to get Connor to pose for a good picture. 

This was before he saw the big kids!

You can obviously tell there were big kids running around behind us...

I think this is how we are going to have to take our family photos from now on! (Side by side)

Doesn't he look like he is up to something??? He was trying to get that piece of straw into his mouth!

So sweet

Matt decided to baracade Connor with pumpkins, which is how Connor is standing up by himself!

This was the pumpkin Connor picked out. He was even wearing his pumpkin bib that Aunt Cece got him, he's always in the spirit!

Too much fresh air = cranky baby!  (He was in bed at 7:45, he was very over tired)

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  1. we went to pick pumpkins this past weekend too! your little boy is precious! - i found your blog from an old kelly's korner link.. love the wedding dress too!