Monday, October 12, 2009

Family and Puppies Galore!

Once again the weekend was full of activities...

On Saturday, the weather was gray and cool so we stayed in. Matt and I cleaned the house while Connor caught up on his sleep. (Either he is going through a growth spurt or he hasn't been napping well at daycare.) Later that evening we went to YaYa's for dinner and saw Reid and Chrissy since they were in town for the weekend.

Look how big he is! He definitely doesn't look like my little baby boy anymore :(

Connor and Uncle Reid

Reid, Connor and Chrissy

YaYa had this cute spider that had hot pink lights and moved across the floor.  I thought for sure that it would scare Connor, but I was wrong...he loved it!!!

Connor and YaYa

Then on Sunday, Matt had to go to the farm so it left me and Connor to run errands.  Our errands consisted of returning clothes.  Gigi had gotten a shirt for the fall, however it definitely is too small already!  Connor has started wearing mainly 12 mos and 18 mos clothes!!!

We met Gigi and Big Daddy for lunch at Huey's and then headed to Angela's house to see the puppies.  Connor had no idea what he was in for and I have to say that he was pleasantly surprised...there were 9 black lab puppies that were 4 weeks old.  They were absolutely adorable and very tolerate of Connor's "gentle petting". 

This was the "gentle petting" I was talking about!

And then it was nap time!

Matt has recently started to enjoy styling Connor's hair.  This was Sunday night's do! (Don't worry, he doesn't go to school looking like a rockstar)

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