Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas 2012

I have to say that this year Connor was SO EXCITED for Santa!  You definitely know you're a parent when you're more excited to see your child's face on Christmas day instead of what's wrapped under the tree for you.

Connor's requests from Santa were: truck and trailer, school bus, nerf gun, roping dummy

Pure excitement

Of course Santa brought 2 nerf guns; one for Connor and one for daddy

This will probably be the only doll this house ever sees!  I couldn't resist getting one for Connor so he could "practice" before baby brother made his debut

Remote controlled helicopter from Grandpa and Grandma

Corn hole from Grandaddy and Mimi

He loves his baby!

Gigi and Big Daddy stopped by to see all his new toys. After Christmas at our house we headed to Yaya's and then Great Grandaddy's...of course I got no pictures at either house.

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