Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Connor says things that I don't want to forget.  Three isn't always the easiest age (due to him testing all the boundaries), but he's definitely very vocal and you NEVER know what is going to come out of his mouth!!!

Here are just a few of the most recent things:

Water lemon (two words for Connor and translates to watermelon for everyone else)

The other day when I picked Connor up from school it was starting to thunder.  We were half way through the parking lot and Connor starts yelling (right after thunder) "IT'S GOD! Mom, did you hear GOD?" It completely caught me off guard, not to mention everyone was looking at us.  He proceeded to tell me that God was playing basketball and that's why we were able to hear him.

Connor has said on several different occasions, that when he grows up he'd like to be a dog.  Today Cooper had her stitches removed at the vet's office and Connor asked "Cooper got to see her small friends and her big friends? When I grow up and I'm a dog, I want to go visit my friends." So I asked, are you a dog today? "No, Mom.  I'm not a dog today, when I grow up I'll be a dog!"

Good night dreams (translation: Sweet Dreams)

Sidewards (translation: combination of backwards and sideways)

Sumscream (translation: sunscreen)

Never a dull moment with this little boy!

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  1. Hilarious! Sumscream is my favorite; I have to remember that!