Monday, April 4, 2011


Apparently Mom is my new name around here these days.  I've gone from Momma to Mommy to just plain Mom!  It's like Connor went to bed one night as my sweet toddler boy and woke up the next morning as my 16 year boy saying "Hey, Mom...more milk!".  I don't always respond when he calls me Mom because I just don't recognize him saying that.  It's not until he says "Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!", that I realize he's talking to me! (poor kid)

We had a good weekend and it was pretty laid back.  Friday after I picked Connor up from school, I had a small happy for him.  He finally owns the FULL collection of Shrek (1-4)!  The kid thought it was Christmas morning, I don't think his smile could have been any bigger.  Then Friday night, we went to eat Mexican at the mall.  After dinner Connor had the chance to play in the kids area.  He had a blast! Every time he would do something, he'd say "Mom see?" if I didn't respond he'd just yell it louder.

On Saturday, Matt worked and we went to my mom's.  I dropped Connor off for a little bit so I could get my passport taken care of for our trip.  When I got back to her house this is what I saw...

The playhouse is definitely coming along.  I think I'll be able to drop Connor off for long weekend visits at Gigi's and Big Daddy's once it's complete!

Saturday evening, Connor and I rode with Matt to meet some guys at the shop.  Connor started to get antsy waiting on Matt, so he hopped up in the driver's seat.  It's the little things (and Shrek) that make him so happy in life!

Shrek is never far away!

He's obsessed with hats, because it's the one thing he can get on and off without any help.

Driving while watching Shrek...scary!

This is why it's illegal to have a TV in the front

Sunday we had a nice family breakfast and enjoyed more time playing outside.  I'm glad we enjoyed the outdoors while we could because it looks like we have rain in the forecast for most of the week. 

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