Thursday, February 25, 2010

Could life get any better for a 13 month old???

Connor has been in rare form lately.  Apparently 3 of his teeth on the left side decided to come in all at once and this has created a cranky Connor!  Not much has happened this week...except that Connor has really started to like his new class at school.  He doesn't really cry anymore when I drop him off.  Which I have to admit, it makes me a little sad.  It's almost like he is begging me to put him down so he can play with his new friends.
This past weekend I was on the hunt for a chair that Connor could watch cartoons in while we were on the couch.  I tried to let him sit on the couch with us, but it quickly turned into his new jungle gym.  So to prevent any broken bones, I thought a chair for him would be perfect.  I found a cute denim one that was low to the ground and the perfect size.  I mean he is only 13 months, how extravagant does it really need to be! Well Matt seemed to have a different idea about what kind of chair he needed.  When he saw the cute one his exact words were "Don't they have anything that reclines?".  Needless to say we were back at the store the next day exchange chairs and this is what we ended up with...

It's a little big for him now, but he'll quickly grow into it.

I think Matt is a little jealous that he doesn't even have a leather recliner!

Could he be any happier?!?! (Here's his fake smile again) even has a sippy cup holder!!! (He was watching Yo Gabba Gabba, that is the strangest show but Connor absolutely loves it!)

The other thing Connor got this week was a pair of sunglasses.  I have been looking at these sunglasses for months and I just couldn't decide if it was something he needed, but I finally gave in and ordered some.  They are by Baby Banz and they are a genius idea.  My one concern was that the band won't fit around his head, but it did!  These are really going to come in handy this summer.

With all the toys he has, he chooses to play with a kitchen bowl!

I don't think that I have mentioned that Connor is walking just about wherever he wants to go.  So here's a little video of him "toddling" around the dining room.

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