Monday, January 18, 2010

It's my party and I'll cry if I want to...

and that's exactly what Connor did!  For everyone who knows Connor really well, you know that is completely out of the norm for him to be cranky.  He had an ear infection earlier in the week and I think that all the people plus not feeling 100% set him over the edge.

Even though Connor wasn't having a good time, I think everyone else did.  We ended up having about 30 people come over.  We had Lenny's sandwiches and cake, which was perfect because I didn't have to cook! We had a few memorable events during the party...first, there was a big vase on the mantel which fell off and shattered on the floor.  Matt proceeded to clean up the mess of glass by vacuuming.  Then the vacuum started to smoke with made the house smell like burnt rubber!!! But all in all we had a really good time; I just wish Connor would have had more fun.  Maybe next year we will just go out for dinner!

Here is Connor and his new friend Jake. 

Connor isn't used to having other kids playing with his toys...can you tell?

This picture makes me laugh...Connor was trying to be a good sport and this is his fake smile!

He didn't want to have anything to do with his cake.

This was the dining room table.

I absolutely loved the cake!!! The lady who made our wedding cake made this cake.

The party favors were boxes of candy!

Here's Connor with his fake smile again.

Cake "take two"...still not having it, but at least there were no tears!

He at least attempted to open presents, this is a big improvement from Christmas

He is begging daddy for another nap...this would be nap #4 for the day and it wasn't even 5.

It was like Christmas all over again!

Here's Matt blowing up the ball tent.  If you look closely at Matt's eyes, you can tell he is multitasking by watching the game.

Here's the ball tent!

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday Connor! The party looks like a success!

    Love the new background!