Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shots = Cranky Connor

So the weekend started early for me on Friday afternoon. But don't think that I was laying out by the pool, I was actually sitting in the doctor's office for Connor's six month check up. For those of you who don't know, we have switched his pediatrician and this was only our second time to see her. The first time we saw her was about 3 weeks ago for his rash issues and wouldn't you know I'd pick a doctor who was due to have a baby in August. Luckily she hasn't had her baby yet and if everything goes as planned she'll be back from maternity leave just in time for Connor's nine month checkup.

Connor's checkup went great as always! He weighs 17 pounds and is 26 1/2 inches long and Dr. Lankford said he is right on schedule. We did discuss the eczema issue and we both have decided that it would be best for Connor to see an allergy doctor and be tested. Some people don't believe that food allergies and eczema flare ups are related, but after his episode with bananas I believe they do. So I will be scheduling that appointment tomorrow, hopefully they will be able to fit him in soon! The appointment ended with three shots, which always breaks my heart.

For the rest of the weekend we just relaxed and tried to conform our schedule around Connor since he was extremely cranky from the shots. Saturday night we had Chase, Cassie and Big Phil (Chase's dad) over for a cookout. Cassie helped put Connor to bed while I finished getting the side dishes ready for dinner. However, Connor thought they were playing a new game because he was talking and laughing with her when I checked in on them!

Here are some pictures from the weekend, I kind of got on a roll!

Sippy Cup 101: Connor has to be in the mood to use his sippy cup, but so far he seems to like it. Don't get me wrong, he still LOVES his bottles!!!

It's taken some time, but Connor is now loving his exersaucer. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact he plays in one a lot at school. Gigi will be so happy to see the smile on his face!

If you look in the background you can see the car toy. Matt saw this and thought it would be perfect and Connor agrees!

Here is Connor and Mr. Monkey. . .

Here is Connor talking to Mr. Monkey. . .

And here is Connor loving on Mr. Monkey!

I tried to take a picture of us, but it's a little tricky getting him to cooperate. I'll have to keep practicing!

Connor is wearing a yellow you see it??? (I thought Matt would appreciate this one)

See the little hand reaching for the toy???

This was Connor's face when I called his name...Who couldn't love a face like this?!?!

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