Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Welcome to Motherhood!

This past week of motherhood has been an eye opening experience for me. Connor wanted to make sure that I was cut out for this job! The week started on Sunday with Connor waking up with pink eye (doctor called in medicine right away), which by Monday afternoon had turned into a high grade fever. Then comes a doctor's visit on Tuesday morning and we left with prescriptions for an ear infection! By Tuesday afternoon, the other eye starting to look bad. Finally by Wednesday he was able to return to Colleen's house, but that didn't last long. Early Thursday morning Colleen called to say that she wasn't feeling good at all and thought it would be best for Connor not to come (turned out that she had strep throat). Then on Friday, I had to stay home because I had come down with a sinus infection. All in all, we survived the week (not to mention that Matt was out of town for two days of this drama filled week). I did explain to Connor that he didn't have to come down with everything at once, he could have eased me into caring for a sick child (but judging by the smile he gave me, I think I passed the test). This is how he looked for most of the week:

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